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Z: Steel Soldiers Hits Tegra-Armed Devices

By Patrick Shaw - Tue, Aug 5, 2014

Originally launched on PC, The Bitmap Brothers’ sci-fi-infused strategy game, Z: Steel Soldiers, has been re-imagined on Android with visuals and gameplay specifically enhanced for NVIDIA Tegra-powered devices.

With core real-time strategy gameplay in the vein of genre classics like Command & Conquer and Warcraft, Z: Steel Soldiers puts players in command of an army of robotic soldiers as they take on enemy forces in 30 different missions.

Each unit in your metallic militia has its own unique strengths and abilities that you must utilize in order to destroy your enemies. In other words, you can’t simply haphazardly select your entire army and send them storming into battle if you want to be victorious.

The game isn’t all death and destruction as its sense of humor comes across in the dialogue during missions.

While Z: Steel Soldiers looks great on NVIDIA Tegra 3, its visuals are especially rich on NVIDIA Tegra K1-powered devices like the new NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet.

Tegra K1 graphical flourishes include realistic shadows and reflections, advanced particle effects and overall greater detail in its war torn settings.


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