Zombie Driver THD Now Supercharged for SHIELD!

By TegraZone - Thu, Aug 1, 2013

EXOR Studios is proud to announce that a specially enhanced version of Zombie Driver THD is now available on NVIDIA's SHIELD devices. The update also has adds features that take advantage of the power of the Tegra 4 chip including supercharged graphics as well as improved gameplay with a lot more zombies to squash and controls fine tuned specifically for the precise SHIELD input.

Additional Tegra 4 enhanced features include: real time projected shadows, uniform phong shading with custom per object specular masks, improved water shaders, higher polygon count models (identical to the PC/Console version of the game), higher resolution textures, different day/night conditions, improved blood splat shaders on cars and last but not least - more zombies!

The enhanced features will be available as an update to Zombie Driver THD on Google Play. Players who already own Zombie Driver THD will be able to simply download the game directly to their SHIELD device.