Zen Studios Halloween Pinball Thrill Ride

By Zen Studios - Mon, Oct 29, 2012

Halloween is a big deal here Zen Studios! Scary movies, bountiful piles of candy, crazy drink concoctions, and crazy costumes – what could possibly be better than that? How about some Halloween themed pinball action! Fight off vampires and defeat Deacon Frost in Blade, take a ride through hell with Ghost Rider, and solve supernatural mysteries in Paranormal.

All three of these tables are now available for download as in-app DLC for Zen Pinball THD™ on Google Play! Found out more about each table below.

As the sun goes down and darkness pervades the many obscure alleyways of the great metropolis, Blade returns to investigate the recent surge of undead in New York! Confront Deacon Frost and scatter an army of vampires on this exciting pinball table sporting mysteriously disappearing bumpers, a UV ball, an oscillating diverter, and Blade's reluctant sidekick, Hannibal King, firing pinballs from his oversized shotgun!

Ghost Rider
Take a joyride through hell! Motorcycle stuntman Johnny Blaze is cursed, doomed to live life as the Ghost Rider, a brutal spirit that exists only to mete out vengeance against evildoers. Get ready for duels with sinister villains summoned to the stage by Lucifer, all leading up to a final battle against the renegade angel, Zadkiel. Hell's demons are about to learn what it means to mess with the Spirit of Vengeance!

It’s flipper bat madness as players assume the role of a paranormal detective and investigate mysterious and supernatural phenomena including hauntings, weird creatures, and inexplicable lapses in the laws of nature. Solve the mysteries of a rotatable mini playing field with four different mini games, supernatural events, time portals and floating objects. Top it off with 10 flipper bats and you have one of the most exciting and engaging pinball tables ever!