Zen Studios Sizes up Marvel’s Ant-Man Pinball

By Joe McCloud - Wed, Jul 15, 2015

Prepare for an adventure of enormously tiny proportions! ZEN Studio's latest pinball collaboration with Marvel will showcase their upcoming film, Marvel’s Ant-Man, only in theaters July 17th! Assume the role of Scott Lang, master thief turned Super Hero, as he fights to save the world on a microscopic level. The Marvel’s Ant-Man table is now available for SHIELD devices.

On the Marvel’s Ant-Man table, players will experience the breathtaking action of the upcoming Marvel Studios film as they’ll engage in heated combat with Yellowjacket in a multiball fight, duke it out as shrunken Ant-Man, help Hope Van Dyne train Scott Lang, and have an active role in side stories featuring Ant-Man and his friends. Heroes don’t get any bigger!

Zen Studios is doing things with the Marvel’s Ant-Man table that will be completely new to both the game and the pinball genre as a whole, including shrinking pinballs and crazy new mini-games that will undoubtedly excite the biggest (and smallest) fans.