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Way Forward Games Brings Back Wonder Momo

By John Gaudiosi (gamerlive.tv) - Mon, Jun 2, 2014

Back in the ‘80s, Japanese gamers fell in love with the action platform game Wonder Momo from Namco. The game never made the journey West, until now. With a revival in Japan thanks to a new web comic and anime, developer Way Forward Games is bringing the virtual action to mobile gamers. Developer James Montonya explains what’s in store for gamers when they get their hands on Wonder Momo Typhoon Booster and how NVIDIA Tegra 4 technology has enhanced this experience in this exclusive interview.

For people who aren’t familiar with this franchise, what’s the gameplay experience?
The game is an action platformer with a beat ‘em up style. You play as Momoco, who is a school girl that has a case of mistaken identity and is given an alien power orb that gives her the power to transform into the hero, Wonder Momo. So she’ll transform into Wonder Momo and fight enemies and help save the earth.

What are some of the powers and capabilities she has as a super hero?
Wonder Momo’s secret technique is her wonder hoop, which is basically a hoop that she can throw at enemies and it will bounce off of them and she can catch it like a boomerang. That plays into the gameplay, where players will have the opportunity to throw the hoop at enemies and build up a combo meter and earn extra points by doing so.

What are some of the environments people will be exploring?
Momo will travel all throughout Japan, starting in the Otaccu Mecca Okihobra, Japan, where the aliens have invaded the Sky Tower Mall. They’ll travel up into the alien fortress in the Warroo dimension and back to Japan and the heart of Sinjuku, which is now taken over known as Warriorjuku.

What’s the multiplayer experience like?
Momoco is actually the original Wonder Momo’s daughter, but when you play in multiplayer mode you’ll be able to take control of the classic Wonder Momo, who is Momoco’s mom. So Momoco and the classic Wonder Momo from the 1987 original game will be engaging in two-player mode, where they’ll be able to play simultaneously through the stages. They can both throw hoops around and it gets a little frantic, but it’s a lot of fun.

How have you worked with NVIDIA on the development of this title?
NVIDIA has been very supportive for us in providing us with Shields and all the help that we’ve needed to make this happen on their devices. It’s just been a real pleasure to work with the power of Tegra 4.

What has Tegra 4 opened up for you guys creatively with this game?
At Way Forward we really want to bring the kind of classic 2D HD console experience to portable devices and with NVIDIA Shield and the power of Tegra 4, we were able to finally bring that home console experience on the go.

How are you utilizing the Shield functionality?
The NVIDIA Shield allows us to give that console experience to gamers, but we don’t have to sacrifice anything graphically. The same experience that you would get from a PC version of Wonder Momo you can enjoy on NVIDIA Shield.

What are your thoughts about how quickly things are evolving on the mobile space with Tegra K1?
Technology like Tegra K1 is really going to blur the line between what is console and what is mobile games. It’s going to help drive forward the power of mobile gaming. The line is going to blur and we’ll be able to continue similar to what we’ve done here with Wonder Momo, providing that same experience that you can have on your computer at home on the go.


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