What is GRID and How to Stream Games With NVIDIA GRID Cloud Gaming

By NVIDIA - Fri, Jun 19, 2015

Imagine you could stream games from the cloud with the ease and convenience that you currently stream movies or music. With the NVIDIA GRID game streaming service, you can.

And with the Android streaming media player NVIDIA SHIELD, you can access NVIDIA GRID to click and play your favorite PC games in less than a minute.

Prior to NVIDIA GRID, you needed to own a GeForce-enabled gaming PC, and keep it up to date, to download and play the latest games. We’ve spent almost 20 years working on our GPUs, drivers, and developer technology to make games run perfectly on PCs.

With NVIDIA GRID, we’re moving our technology to the cloud so you can stream games on-demand. Imagine never having to wait to download a game. Our six GRID data centers spread around the world can stream PC games to any SHIELD owner, who won’t even need to own a PC.

Our SHIELD Android TV streaming media player was built as the perfect platform for cloud gaming. It comes with the console-grade SHIELD controller. It uses Wi-Fi Direct to cut precious milliseconds and reduce latency for a smooth gaming experience. And its Tegra X1 processor has super-fast video decoding, so cloud gaming is an awesome experience.

Try GRID now by buying a SHIELD. All owners get a free GRID subscription through July 2015 with instant access to 50 amazing PC games.