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What is NVIDIA GameWorks and How it Enables Great Games on SHIELD

By NVIDIA - Fri, Jun 19, 2015

Great gaming hardware needs great gaming content. And the more content the better. That’s the concept behind NVIDIA GameWorks Studios, which we created to advance gaming at a faster pace.

The GameWorks platform helps game developers build interactive cinematic experiences, and build them faster. GameWorks takes a production-oriented approach to creating and providing new special effects for games, making it easier for developers to drop them in their games.

Everything game developers need to build amazingly rich and immersive experiences is encompassed in the program.

At NVIDIA, we invest an enormous amount of our resources in making games, because we are gamers ourselves. We take our role as the flag bearer for gaming to heart.

At the heart of the GameWorks platform is our army of visual effects engineers, over 300 strong, who develop special effects libraries, developer tools, and code. They work closely with developers to make their games spectacular.

Our investment in GameWorks pushes the pace of innovation in graphics technologies, and that has a direct impact on video games. These technologies first find their way into the PC, and eventually into gaming console, mobile, and cloud gaming platforms. If we didn’t invest in GameWorks, graphics technologies would advance more slowly in games.

Now you can experience the same GameWorks special effects seen on the most powerful gaming computers in the world on your NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV streaming media player through the NVIDIA GRID on-demand cloud gaming service. Think of it as a gaming supercomputer in the cloud that streams PC games with GeForce GTX-quality graphics to your SHIELD.

GameWorks makes games better by increasing the pace of innovation in gaming. NVIDIA GRID brings them to your SHIELD. Buy one today!


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