How To Watch The Summer's Biggest Sporting Event on NVIDIA SHIELD

By William O'Neal - Fri, Aug 5, 2016

Every four years the world’s top athletes descend upon some picturesque locale, whether it be Sydney, London, or Athens, to compete in a wide variety of sports including track and field, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, ping-pong, and my personal favorite, beach volleyball.

But how can SHIELD users watch all the exciting events this summer? Well, being able to take part in this quadrennial athletic spectacle is easier than ever. There are pretty much two paths by which SHIELD users can watch the events: the pure cord cutters method or the other option that requires users getting a cable or satellite subscription. Either way you slice it, SHIELD has you covered.

Sling TV offers Sling Blue package for the big summer 2016 sporting event

Sling Blue From Sling TV Is The Way To Go For Summer 2016

Hands down the best and easiest way to watch this summer’s international sporting events is with the Sling TV app on NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. Sling TV offers two levels of service, Sling orange ($20 / month) and Sling Blue ($25 / month). While the Sling Orange package offers a plethora of great channels like ESPN, TNT, TBS, and many more, the Sling Blue package is what you’ll need to watch all the sporting events as Sling Blue is where you’ll find channels like NBC and NBC Sports Network.

Cast the NBC Sports App With Your Favorite Mobile Device

In conjunction with this year’s events, NBC made a major upgrade to the NBC Sports app by announcing that many of the summer 2016 sporting events can be cast to your SHIELD Android TV via the NBC Sports app on your mobile device. We’re partial to the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1. Just download the NBC Sports app, fire it up, and cast the content to your SHIELD just as you would cast any other content. Just a note though, not a purely cord cutting app, the NBC Sports app requires that you have a cable or satellite subscription in order to use it.

Get NBA Sports app and watch the biggest sporting event

Catch Up On The Day’s Events With The WatchESPN App On SHIELD

Of course, you can watch many of the day’s recaps and stay up-to-date with everything that’s going on in Rio this summer with the WatchESPN app on SHIELD. Similarly to the NBC Sports app, WatchESPN isn’t a pure cord cutting app as it requires that you have a cable or satellite subscription in order to use it. That said, if you have a Sling TV subscription you can watch ESPN that way.

Get WatchESPN app and stay up-to-date with the summer sports games

If you don’t already own an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV there’s no better time than now to jump on board the media streaming bandwagon and watch all of this summer’s exciting sports events.

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