How to Watch Major League Baseball on NVIDIA SHIELD TV

By NVIDIA - Mon, Mar 26, 2018

By Alex Haslam from

As with most sports, streaming major league baseball is a matter of geography. Access to your favorite teams depends on both your home base and your team’s, so figuring out which teams are broadcast in your area can seem a little complicated. But don’t worry—it’s entirely possible and, with NVIDIA SHIELD TV, easier than it seems.

Thankfully, SHIELD is compatible with tons of streaming services that offer your favorite teams’ games, no matter where you live. In fact, with a whole selection of top-notch streaming services bringing all the best baseball games right into your living room, watching your favorite team without cable has never been easier. Here are our top recommended streaming services to stream the MLB on the SHIELD.

YouTube TV

If you watched the Astros win the World Series last year, you probably saw ads for YouTube TV. With prices starting around $35 per month, YouTube TV is a great option for the fan on a budget. Even better, its strong local channel availability and national coverage make it an ideal choice if your favorite team is broadcast locally or nationally. Overall, it’s just the best deal—especially for the most dedicated fans.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has strong local FOX coverage for your local team, and it hooks you up with ESPN and FS1 to help you catch the nationally televised games. All-in-all, it’s a great choice for baseball fans who love their local team or the one they've had to move away from. Packages start at just under $40 per month.


As a sports-centric streaming service, fuboTV is one of the best options for watching any sport, but baseball can get a little complicated. That said, if you want to catch your local team, fuboTV carries the most FOX affiliate networks across the nation, and the service starts at around $40 per month. Keep in mind it doesn’t have ESPN, so you’ll miss some nationally televised games. But overall it’s a strong choice for following your local team all season long. And do you really need 26 weeks of Yankees-Red Sox?


If you don’t live near your favorite team, MLB.TV is a great option. For around $25 per month, you can follow all the out-of-market teams you love during the entire regular season or follow just one team for around $7 per month. What’s more, MLB.TV’s built-for-baseball DVR lets you control how you watch the game so you can pause or rewind any game’s best moments.

Ultimately, the perfect streaming service for your baseball-loving needs depends on where you live, where your team is, and how you want to watch. Once you’ve made these decisions, you can find the best way to follow the teams you love at home without cable. And with all these apps available through your SHIELD TV, you’ll be able to access your favorite baseball teams from your own TV no matter which option you choose.

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