Tegra Helps Start a Chess Revolution

By John Gaudiosi (gamerlive.tv) - Tue, Apr 26, 2011

When it comes to the game of chess, the strategy involved hasn’t changed much from its early days. But new technology has made the game more accessible, while the latest graphics have made the game more visually appealing to a large audience. War Drum Studios has partnered with NVIDIA® to make its new Chess Revolution game a cross-platform experience for PC, NVIDIA® Tegra® and PlayStation 3 gamers.

One way War Drum Studios is attracting new chess players is through the visual presentation of the game. The developer is taking advantage of Tegra's full graphics processing power.

"Since we only have 32 pieces to focus on with chess, we can take every single aspect of the GPU and focus on effects," explained Williamson. "We have reflection and shadow-mapping on every single chess piece, each of which is made up of thousands of polygons. What you get is a photo-realistic chess board."

"Basically, since Tegra runs on Android, we can take a GCC compiler -- which is the exact same compiler that runs on PS3 -- and the exact same code and it all just compiled," said Williamson. "Honestly, it was crazy to me. We took all the code from our PS3 version, we had to implement an open GLS2 render and then we compiled it and everything ran. All the logic worked, there wasn't anything that happened that was unexpected."

Williamson believes that the ability to utilize the same pipeline on mobile and console really changes the dynamic of game development. In the not-so-distant past, game developers had to make multiple versions of games for each platform. Tegra allows studios like War Drum to focus on one quality game experience, which can be easily ported across multiple platforms.