MADFINGER Games Has Made Unkilled Even Better Than Before

By Madfinger Games - Wed, Dec 16, 2015

MADFINGER GAMES continues its industry-leading status with the release of UNKILLED’s biggest update.

“When we released the game, we tried to give players great graphics that pushed the limits of what mobile gaming can achieve, along with a perfected control system and hundreds of story missions,” explains Pavel Cizek, the project leader of UNKILLED. “Now, with this latest update, we’re adding the competitive feature of player vs. player, which gives gamers the option to use zombies as their own personal army.”

Asynchronous multiplayer now allows players to build their own army of zombies using DNA blueprints. Each type of zombie can be further improved in several ways: speed, force, attack rating, etc.

The new Skirmish Ops map now displays randomly-selected players bases with their corresponding defense level. If the defense level is too strong, the attacking player will first need to improve and expand its own zombie army before sending them into battle. When defending, the goal is deceptively simply: fight and eliminate the enemy zombie army in the given time limit.

For more hardcore gamers, the Skirmish map also offers new Neutral Zombie missions with greater difficulty for bigger rewards. The results of attacking and defending players’ bases are counted by using the score in the Skirmish Leaderboards. Every player now has the option to choose their own nickname.

Last but not least, UNKILLED now features daily challenges, tracked by a Daily Challenge Leaderboard. Headshots, zombie deaths, ammo consumption, and more--players can compete for Daily Challenge supremacy with an ever-changing trophy system. All this new content is MADFINGER’s way of saying “Happy Holidays and thank you!” to its loyal fan base.

MADFINGER Games is a critically-acclaimed fixture in mobile platform multimedia entertainment. Founded in 2009, Madfinger’s apps quickly shot to the top of the charts in sales. Soon after, MADFINGER Games began to cooperate with a number of notable companies within the games industry, and have been recognized with a series of prestigious awards. Combining their signature stunning visuals,excellent gameplay, and gamer-focused philosophy, MADFINGER Games continues to expand its portfolio: their in-house staff of over 70 employees works tirelessly to deliver the best games, pushing far past the 100 million download mark.

Learn more about Unkilled and download the game here.

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