Unkilled Continues to Shine on SHIELD

By John Gaudiosi ( - Wed, Oct 28, 2015

Madfinger Games has a reputation for making console-style shooters for mobile devices. That makes the transition from Android mobile devices to NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV much smoother for a zombie shooter like Unkilled. This game looks right at home on the big screen, and stands toe-to-toe with any console shooter.

Madfinger Games has loaded Unkilled with over 150 missions, which vary from action-based objectives like defending a room from hordes of zombies to more stealth-like experiences like using a sniper rifle to eliminate specific undead. The game is set in a world that still has a government, which is dealing with the zombies as well as a mysterious individual who possesses technology that allows him to control the undead. Tomas Nawar, head of communications at Madfinger Games, talks about the new shooter in this exclusive interview.

What were your goals heading into Unkilled?

The main goal is to provide the joy of a shooting game to players. The story is about a zombie apocalypse in New York.

What’s going on in this game world?

The main protagonist, Joe, is a former special ops soldier. He has a friend, a girl named Sam. She’s always on the radio informing Joe about the situation on the streets. Mission by mission, they discover secrets and learn what is responsible for the zombie apocalypse. Eventually, the game puts you in control of special technology that allows Joe to control zombies and use them to fight against other zombies.

How have you worked with NVIDIA developing Unkilled?

We always want to develop our games for high quality NVIDIA hardware. The support we received for Unkilled has been great. The game runs great on Android TV and looks great on the big screen TV. We always will support Android TV because it’s still a mobile game, but it’s been designed to play like a console game on a big screen with controller support.

What has Tegra X1 opened up for the gameplay experience?

For Unkilled we added more GPU particles. We improved some graphic effects because this chip is very powerful. Unkilled looks great on this device.

What are your thoughts on the evolution of mobile to Android TV?

It’s the future of mobile gaming. You can started playing on a bus and then when you’re home you can play in your living room on the big screen. Because of our focus on graphic quality, you can play it on TV and it looks just like a console game. I like big screens so I’m very happy that we can provide this type of experience on a big screen. More games in the future are coming to Android TV and this is something players want.

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