Yes, You Can Travel with your Games and Entertainment

By William O'Neal - Fri, Jul 28, 2017

The NVIDIA SHIELD team members love their must-watch TV shows and there’s no better way to rule the living room than with the world’s most powerful streamer. While there’s no place like home, and more specifically the living room, it turns out that you CAN take it with you thanks to SHIELD TV.

We’re here to show you what to pack with your SHIELD so that you can bring your TV entertainment and games with you. That’s right! With SHIELD TV you can enjoy beautiful beaches by day and endless entertainment by night. Pack smart. Pack SHIELD.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, on your way to visit the grandparents, a tech professional on a business trip, a gamer, or you’re on a family vacation, SHIELD is your go-to streamer, and here’s what to bring on your next trip.

In addition to your SHIELD, there are several travel-specific items that you’ll want to bring. If you’re not sure what kind of TV you’ll be connecting your SHIELD to, you’re gonna want to bring not only HDMI cables, but the ability to connect your HDMI-enabled SHIELD to whatever ancient TV may be waiting for you.

Additionally, be sure to bring an international power adaptor and an Ethernet cable just in case. Below is the complete TV survival list of what to bring to guarantee your living room entertainment! If we missed anything let us know.

What to Pack:

  • SHIELD Remote
  • Several SHIELD Game Controllers
  • HDMI cable
  • HDMI to RCA converter
  • VGA to HDMI converter
  • External hard drive
  • International power adaptors
  • Ethernet cable

Tips on Connecting to WiFi in Hotels

You never know what your WiFi situation is gonna be like, and some hotels, even if they offer unlimited WiFi, you may require a desktop computer or cell phone to access it.

Using your laptop, connect to the hotel’s WiFi and then turn on WiFi sharing in your computer’s network settings. This will essentially turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot that you can connect your SHIELD to.

So there you have it. Would-be globetrotters will no doubt welcome the addition of the ultra compact NVIDIA SHIELD TV to their list of what to bring when travelling. Of course, if you haven’t already joined the SHIELD family then what’s stopping you?! Run out today and grab an NVIDIA SHIELD TV.

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