This Week On SHIELD - Mar 31, 2016

By William O'Neal - Thu, Mar 31, 2016

This Week on SHIELD is a weekly series where we highlight a few cool things that we’re currently enjoying or looking forward to on our SHIELD Android TV. Each week we’ll give a shout out to a new (or updated) app that we’re excited about. Additionally, we’ll also point out a game that you should be playing and a hot new TV show and movie that’s ready for you to stream on SHIELD. This week we’re showcasing the MLB.tv app, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel,"The Walking Dead" season finale on AMC with SlingTV, and "Vacation" (2015) on HBO and Google Play, and . Enjoy everything on SHIELD Android TV.

Of course, we also want to know what’s on YOUR SHIELD, so hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #twos and let us know what you’re rocking this week and maybe we’ll show you some love the following week.

Get MLB.tv app and watch your favorite baseball games on SHIELD Android TV.

App: MLB.tv (Plans start at $19.99 / month)

With MLB Spring Training in full effect and Opening Day right around the corner, baseball fans like me have been glued to MLB.tv on NVIDIA SHIELD. Whether you’re just a fan of America’s Pastime or like me you’re also a fantasy baseball fanatic then you’ll also love MLB.tv. I’ve been watching Spring Training on MLB.tv to get a bead on which “under-the-radar” players to add to my fantasy roser. MLB.tv plans start at $19.99 / month but for baseball fans, it’s well worth it.

Game: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel ($14.99)

When it comes to Android gaming, the fact remains that NVIDIA SHIELD stands alone in its performance compared to other Android devices. This is why we’re stoked that Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is now available exclusively for SHIELD Android TV. The third title in the highly-acclaimed Borderlands series of games, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is an interquel to the original Borderlands and Borderlands 2, and the fact that the game runs so well on SHIELD Android TV proves how amazing this unique gaming platform is. What else makes Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel awesome is that there are four new playable characters. All of whom were either NPCs or bosses in the other games.

TV show: "The Walking Dead" Season Finale on AMC with SlingTV ($20/month)

Based on Robert Kirkman’s amazing comic book series,"The Walking Dead" portrays life in the weeks, months and now years following a zombie apocalypse. A constant hit since it debuted in 2010 on AMC, our group of survivors is led by police officer Rick Grimes. The group has been through a lot over the years and fans of the original comic book series are beside themselves with excitement over what’s revealed in this season’s finale. "The Walking Dead airs on AMC but SHIELD owners can stream the show using the SlingTV app.

Movie: "Vacation" (2015) on HBO NOW ($14.99 a month) and HBO GO (Requires subscription through a participating cable or satellite TV provider) and Google Play ($14.99)

"Vacation" (2015) follows a now-grown up Rusty Griswold (who is expertly played by Ed Helms) as, remembering fond, childhood memories of his trip to Walley World, with his father, Chevy Chase, decides to take his family on a similar cross-country trip. Along with his wife (Christina Applegate) and two sons they follow in his father's footsteps. Obviously hijinks ensue as the group stumbles into one misadventure after another before finally making it to Wally World. "Vacation" (2015) is currently available to stream on NVIDIA SHIELD with HBO GO, HBO NOW and Google Play.

Each week we ask you, the NVIDIA SHIELD community "What's on your SHIELD this week?" Here are a few of our favorites:

If you don’t already own an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, run out and grab one today. And while you’re at it, make sure to talk to us on Twitter about your week, we might just quote you in next week’s installment.

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