This Week On SHIELD - March 3, 2016

By William O'Neal - Thu, Mar 3, 2016

This Week on SHIELD is a new weekly series where we highlight a few cool things that we’re currently enjoying on our SHIELD ANDROID TV. Each week we’ll give a shout out to a new (or updated) app, or the one we’re currently rocking, games that we’re thrilled about and maybe a TV show and movie we’re excited to watch or currently have in our rotation. This week we’re highlighting Kodi 16.0, the goto service for all of you cord-cutters out there; Sleeping Dogs, a wildly popular open-world action-adventure game that’s currently streaming on GeForce NOW; the new season of "House of Cards" on Netflix; and fresh off of winning 6 Academy Awards, "Mad Max: Fury Road," the action-packed reboot of the classic movies.

Of course, we also want to know what’s on YOUR SHIELD, so hit us up on Twitter with the hashtag #twos and let us know what you’re rocking this week and maybe we’ll show you some love the following week.

Install the latest Kodi 16.0 app on SHIELD Android TV

App: Kodi 16.0 (Free)

One of the most popular apps on SHIELD Android TV is Kodi. Formerly known as XBMC Media Center, Kodi continues to shine on the SHIELD Android TV and we’re super-stoked about the latest version, Kodi 16.0. Designed to help users organize and discover media like videos, photos, podcasts and music, Kodi 16.0 is packed with a bevy of new features. The ones we’re most excited about are Long Press, which works really great with the SHIELD remote, and improvements to the add-on manager. If you’re a cord-cutter, you’ll definitely want to install this update which is now live on Google Play.

Play Sleeping Dogs on SHIELD with GeForce NOW Game Streaming Service

Game: Sleeping Dogs, now playing on GeForce NOW (Included with GeForce NOW membership)

Sleeping Dogs is an action-packed open-world game where you play the role of Wei Shen, an undercover cop trying to take down the Sun On Yee crime triads from the inside out. You'll have to prove yourself worthy as you fight your way up the organization, taking part in brutal criminal activities without blowing your cover. Torn between your loyalty to the badge and a criminal code of honor, you will risk everything as the lines between truth, loyalty and justice become permanently blurred. Sleeping Dogs is currently streaming on GeForce NOW.

TV show: "House of Cards" on Netflix (Plans start at $7.99 a month)

"House of Cards" follows the life of U.S. Rep. Francis Underwood of South Carolina. A modern day tale of Machiavellian politics, Underwood is a ruthless politician seeking revenge. A Netflix original production, "House of Cards" is based on the U.K. miniseries of the same name. With cameos from real-life politicians and media figures, season four is nigh upon us. So, fire up your Shield, and get ready to binge watch season four this weekend on Netflix!

Movie: "Mad Max: Fury Road" on HBO GO ($14.99 a month)

There’s nothing like winning 6 Academy Awards to solidify a movie as a "must-see" title. Such is the case with "Mad Max: Fury Road". Currently streaming on both HBO GO and HBO NOW, "Mad Max: Fury Road" takes place years after the collapse of civilization. The story is basically one non-stop car chase that pits the tyrannical Immortan Joe who enslaves survivors of the apocalypse inside his desert fortress. Enter the warrior Imperator Furiosa (expertly played by Charlize Theron) who leads the tyrant’s five wives in a daring escape. Along the way she forges an alliance with Mad Max (Tom Hardy) as they fight their way through the Wasteland.

If you don’t already own an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, run out and grab one today. And while you’re at it, make sure to talk to us on Twitter about your week, we might just quote you in next week’s installment.

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