SHIELD Game Spotlight: Tales From the Borderlands

By John Gaudiosi ( - Thu, Mar 12, 2015

As anyone who has played the Borderlands action role-playing game series can attest to, the planet Pandora can be a violent and unforgiving place. But that's why it's so much fun. Tales From the Borderlands takes place on Pandora, but instead of focusing on a group of powerful Vault Hunters, it tells the story of those that aren't quite as heroic or powerful, but no less ambitious. The story is told from two points of view, with the first being Rhyse, a Hyperion company executive who lost out on a hard fought promotion and is looking for a way to become top dog. Then there's Fiona, a con artist looking for the big score. Both are after a suitcase full of money that each think belongs to them, and their adventure takes them across Pandora's crazy and blood covered surface.

Developed by Telltale Games, the same studio that created the award-winning series The Walking Dead, A Wolf Among Us, and the Game of Thrones adventure game, it's nice to see a game that emphasizes humor instead of deep moral decisions. Although the choices you make might not kill you, since the characters are recounting the story, they still have a significant impact on how things turn out. Do you order the self-sacrificing robot flee from danger, or do you activate its self destruct? Tales From the Borderlands is a spin-off game, but it perfectly captures the splatter humor that makes the main series stand out. However, the characters aren't trained fighters, so you'll end up having to talk your way out of situations more often than shooting your way through.

The game is out now for multiple platforms, but playing it on a mobile device like an NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is a great experience. Players just need to tap the screen to quickly respond or hit targets. The story is spread out across five episodes, picking up shortly after Borderlands 2 ends. Each episode is fairly short, making it the perfect game to play during car rides and commutes, but also leave you eagerly waiting for the next one to release. Buying Tales From the Borderlands now gets you the first episode, with more to come. You can get a discount on the remaining episodes by picking up a season pass as an in-app purchase, and the decisions that you make in each episode will carry over to the next.

With excellent voice acting, a great story, and a fantastic setting with decisions that matter, Tales From the Borderlands is a perfect game to pick up for your NVIDIA SHIELD device.