Tegra Classics: Great Games You May Have Missed

By NVISION - Fri, Sep 6, 2013

Every week, the NVision crew sifts through the profusion of games available on the Google Play store in order to hand pick what we believe to be the very best the Android platform has to offer.

A number of these games boast visuals and gameplay features that are specifically built for devices with NVIDIA's Tegra processor technology under the hood. The following is a look back at a trio of older and sometimes overlooked Tegra-optimized titles that are still genuinely worth playing.

Puddle THD
Neko Entertainment's physics-based platformer, Puddle THD, is not only designed to take advantage of the extra graphical horsepower of Tegra-powered smart devices, it is only available on Tegra (hence the Tegra High-Definition abbreviation in its title). In the game, players guide an amorphous blob of liquid through levels by physically tilting their Android device and therefore manipulating the orientation of their environment.

The actual contents of your puddle will also periodically change into fluids like nitroglycerin, oil and molten rock, each with its own unique physical properties and impact on your surroundings.

The Conduit HD
Originally released as a Nintendo Wii-exclusive, High Voltage Games' conspiracy theory-themed first-person shooter has been visually remastered for NVIDIA Tegra devices. The game casts players as United States Secret Service Agent Michael Ford, who must defend the nation’s capital from the nefarious Trust organization and a hostile race of extraterrestrials known as the Drudge.

While the game can be played with your Android device’s touchscreen, it also supports a variety of wireless gamepads including GameStop’s wireless Bluetooth controller as well as the NVIDIA SHIELD. You can download the trial version of The Conduit HD at no cost, which includes the first two missions in the campaign. The rest of the game, which packs a good 10-12 hours of gameplay depending on how much of a completionist you are, is available for $4.99.

Siegecraft THD
As anyone who's played Angry Birds or, perhaps, shattered the window of an abandoned building can likely attest to, there's something so undeniably satisfying about hurtling large objects at something and watching said objects soar through the air and eventually collide with your target. Siegecraft THD satisfies that same deep-rooted desire to destroy...and provides a safe outlet for that compulsion that won't lead to police intervention...unless of course you fling your tablet or smartphone at an innocent bystander after losing in Siegecraft, which isn't an entirely unrealistic scenario.

In Siegecraft THD, players commandeer a diverse array of projectile-based medieval weaponry including catapults and crossbows in an effort to demolish enemy targets. There's also a rich variety of settings and races such as knights, viking and samurai. Of course, both Siegecraft's detailed environments and the destruction you inflict upon it benefit from the power of Tegra. And while the game is enjoyable in single-player, its multiplayer mode is where the real fun is as it allows two players to simultaneously fire projectiles at each other on a single device. Like The Conduit HD and Puddle THD, there's a free trial version of Siegecraft available though you can unlock the full version for $3.09.