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Next-generation Tegra 3 Games Are on the Horizon

By Joe McCloud - Wed, Nov 9, 2011

Now that NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 has officially been introduced, the next obvious question is what games are coming out that take advantage of the world's first quad-core mobile processor? Game publishers and developers have been working with NVIDIA and Tegra 3 development systems and have titles ready now that will deliver mobile gaming experiences like never before. Improved physics effects and performance, dynamic lighting, higher resolution environments, plus support for 3D stereo are just a handful of benefits gamers will get with Tegra 3.

One of the key new titles really pushing what people have come to expect from mobile gaming is Bladeslinger THD. Beyond the technical aspects, Bladeslinger's rich visuals, narrative and action-packed gameplay will bring an exciting and deep experience to mobile gamers.

Enhanced versions of existing games are also in the works that will specifically take advantage of Tegra 3. Shadowgun will include new features such as rag doll physics, water simulations, and enhanced shaders. Vector Unit is adding improved water visuals, splash effects, and motion blur to their popular game Riptide GP. A Tegra 3 version of Sprinkle is also coming out that will add a new smoke simulation, improved water physics, and increased performance.


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