Unreal Games on Tegra

By John Gaudiosi ( - Wed, Feb 9, 2011
The Unreal Engine powers some of the most popular games around like Gears of War, Borderlands, and BioShock. And while those games may or may not appear on your NVIDIA® Tegra® device, the foundation has been set to allow for the possibility. Epic Games co-founder and CEO Tim Sweeney has been working closely with NVIDIA on its Tegra technology to make sure the Unreal Engine takes advantage of the processor. The result is early independent game developers have been able to convert PC games running on Unreal Engine 3 to Tegra in a matter of hours. And while Dungeon Defenders carries the distinction of being the first Android game to use the Unreal Engine, many more are in the pipeline including Monster Madness.

“Tegra is a great architecture, delivering a full shader-based rendering feature set and maximizing performance while minimizing power consumption,” said Sweeney. “The rate of progress on mobile hardware has been absolutely stunning, far in excess of Moore's Law. The combination of convenience and amazing performance are going to fundamentally change the way the world computes and communicates.”

Epic Games has been using Unreal Tournament gameplay to informally demonstrate Unreal Engine 3's capabilities on Android with Tegra. As part of these demos, Epic has shown developers that tight control schemes for action games can work on multitouch devices. Sweeney believes shooters will become "eminently doable on mobile.”

In addition, the ability for developers to create games on a small budget, especially if they use Epic’s free Unreal Development Kit, for Tegra mobile devices will introduce a huge audience to first-time creators.