How to Stream the NBA on SHIELD TV

By NVIDIA - Wed, Oct 24, 2018

Courtesy of Chris Brantner from Streaming Observer.

SHIELD TV is a great choice for any NBA fan this season. You’ll find tons of apps that will allow you to stream basketball games, whether you have cable or you rely on streaming services to watch the game.

In between games, you can ask your Google Assistant for the latest scores and current standings. Looking for highlights, simply say, “Ok Google, show me the latest basketball highlights,” and let SHIELD do the rest.

If you’re ready to get the season started the right way, here are some of the best apps that you’ll be able to use to watch your favorite NBA teams this season. First, we’ll take a look at apps for the cord-cutters out there, then move on to options to stream on SHIELD with an existing cable subscription.

YouTube TV
YouTube TV is cable-free live TV that allows you to watch major broadcast and cable networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, AMC and more. Starting at $40 per month, you get nationally televised games on ABC, ESPN and TNT. In select regions you’ll also get your local sports channels from NBC Sports, Fox Sports, NESN and YES. Still not enough? They also offer NBA League Pass for an additional fee.

Stream NBA Games With YouTube TV

Sling TV
Sling TV is a popular way to stream live TV without cable. You start with Sling Orange or Sling Blue for $25 a month. Both packages offer a certain amount of games, but if you want more you can combine the packages for $40. Sling Orange includes ESPN while Sling Blue has NBC and FOX in select areas. They both offer TNT. You can even add NBA TV in a sports bundle for $5 more.

PlayStation Vue
PlayStation Vue offers four packages starting with 50+ channels for $45 per month. PS Vue offers everything you need to watch the NBA this season including ESPN networks, ABC/ESPN3, regional FOX and NBC Sports channels, TNT, and NBA TV. You also receive a DVR, so you can record games to watch later.

fuboTV is a good choice if you’re a sports fan in general, but it won’t offer you complete NBA coverage. What it will offer you is NBA TV and TNT. Packages start at $45 per month. Another cool thing about fuboTV is that you can add NBA League Pass to your account. This gives you access to all NBA games except those in your local viewing area.

FOX Sports Go & NBC Sports
Both FOX Sports Go and NBC Sports will allow you to watch regional games in your area whether you have cable or a number of streaming services, like the ones mentioned above. Both apps offer several features beyond live games including team videos, event recaps, and more.

With WatchESPN, you can sign in to watch ESPN3 for games that air on ABC. If you’re a cable or streaming subscriber, this will also give you access to the full set of ESPN networks. In addition to plenty of live sports, you can watch game highlights, on-demand shows and news, and much more.

Stream NBA Games With watchESPN

Other SHIELD Apps that will be helpful in streaming NBA games
SHIELD has additional apps that offer live TV that could give you a chance to keep up with the season at no additional cost. NBA Gametime is the free NBA app. They don’t offer live games, but it’s a great way to check live scores, look at the schedule, and to watch game recaps or videos from your favorite teams. If you do want live games, you can sign up through NBA League Pass through the NBA app, as well.

Stream NBA Games With the official NBA app

Plex is another option and this one does offer live games once you sync it with your antenna. Here you’ll not only get a chance to watch, but you can also record live TV. Plex offers mainly channels you’d find with an antenna, so you should be able to view games that air on ABC.

Luckily, with SHIELD you have many ways to stream the NBA this season. As the season gets started, streaming couldn’t be easier than it will be with SHIELD! Just set up your device, and from there it’s a matter of picking your apps and cheering on your team!

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