The Best Way to Watch Stranger Things 2

By NVIDIA - Fri, Oct 27, 2017

“Ok Google, when does Stranger Things 2 release?”

One of the most talked about pieces of Netflix programming is Stranger Things, and the kids are back with more critical acclaim in Season 2.

“Ok Google, play Stranger Things on Netflix.”

We’re not here with spoilers, but we can reveal the best way to watch it: NVIDIA SHIELD TV, naturally.

“Ok Google, who stars in Stranger Things?”

SHIELD’s horsepower helps Stranger Things dazzle in brilliant 4K HDR. But you also have the ability to cast from your phone to a friend’s SHIELD that doesn’t have Netflix – no log-in sharing means no account stealing after you’ve left.

“Ok Google, pause.”

And by now you’re well aware of our latest upgrade bringing your Google Assistant to SHIELD. So not just can you watch Stranger Things with the best picture quality possible, but you can engage and control your entertainment like never before. SHIELD is the only media streamer capable of performing hands-free voice searches.

“Ok Google, show me dramas on Netflix.”

SHIELD’s best-in-class voice capabilities that you won’t find on other streamers include:

  • In-app voice search in top apps like Netflix
  • Voice search by genre (e.g. “Show me dramas”)
  • Play content with a single command (e.g. “Play Stranger Things”)
  • Media playback control (e.g. Play, Pause)
  • Voice search without interrupting playback

But enough words. Season 2 is out now. Time to get comfortable on your couch and binge watch Stranger Things.

Don’t have a SHIELD? There’s no better time than now to pick one up. Starting at just $179 SHIELD recently added the Google Assistant and now Works as a SmartThings hub.

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