ShiVa 3D brings a bounty of games to Tegra

By John Gaudiosi ( - Wed, Feb 9, 2011

French technology company Stonetrip, creators of the ShiVa 3D engine, has brought their cross-platform engine to NVIDIA® Tegra® devices. According to Philip Belhassen, CEO of Stonetrip, there are already 22,000 developers working with the engine. And while games have already been ported to the Tegra platform including Pocket Fish from Control Chaos; Crusade of Destiny and Welcome the Hell from Dvide Arts; and Voodoo Dice from Exkee, Belhassen expects over 100 games available by the end of the year.

By taking advantage of the Tegra processor, ShiVa 3D can deliver all the rendering, animation, special effects and programming features needed to create any type of game in any genre. The Tegra-optimized graphical engine also includes dynamic lighting and shadows, reflection and skinning.

Belhassen said that after receiving the Tegra prototype technology, developers have been able to quickly and efficiently build game experiences for the new platform. The technology company has seen its mobile business explode, and now Tegra is poised to bring PC quality gaming experiences from just a couple years ago to the mobile space.

“Tegra is a huge new technology that focuses on the GPU and we know that NVIDIA has strong knowledge and ability with its GPU system,” said Belhassen. “We can count on NVIDIA and Tegra to be on the market very quickly and to have a strong place in the entertainment and gaming sectors.”