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Sprinkle Makes a Huge Splash with Tegra Gamers

By Joe McCloud - Fri, Sep 16, 2011

Ever since it's launch, Sprinkle has made a splash with both Android gamers and the Android gaming press. And while the premise of the game is simple, the two-person development team at Mediocre Games Studio has created a puzzler that sports some of the most realistic water physics seen on a touch device yet. Below is a small collection of quotes from around the Internet. To purchase and learn more, click the GAMES tab and select Sprinkle from the list.

"Given the game's $1.99 price tag, this is definitely a must-have for anyone with a Tegra-powered device."
-Android Police

NVIDIA's multi-core processors are great at helping with things like physics, reflections, transparency and lighting—all aspects that could make a water-based game feel richer and more immersive.
-PC Mag

The developers at Mediocre announced not only the release of their radically awesome Sprinkle puzzle game…but the fact that they’re currently working with NVIDIA to optimize the game for the quad-core Project Kal-El processors.
-Android Community

Sprinkle is a simple game of physics and firefighting with fluid so dynamic you'll fear for the safety of your electronics.


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