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Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf Goes Mobile

By John Gaudiosi (gamerlive.tv) - Mon, Jun 16, 2014

Developer HeroCraft is bringing the classic tabletop game universe, Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf to mobile devices. The new game utilizes NVIDIA Tegra 4 technology to bring the rich sci-fi universe to life on SHIELD and other devices. Developer Alexis Sarnov from HeroCraft discusses the new game and explains how NVIDIA technology has opened up new gameplay in this exclusive interview.

For those who aren’t familiar with Warhammer, what’s this world all about? It’s a dream world of the future. We licensed this game from Games Workshop. Warhammer 40,000 is a famous brand among table top gamers. There are a lot of PC games built around this franchise, as well.

What’s your mobile take on this game like? This game is actually cross-platform. We’re developing a mobile version and a PC version. The gameplay is turn-based strategy, which is great for mobile.

How will the campaigns play out? We have one campaign that we will start with and we will add more as we develop the game further.

What’s the online experience going to be like? We have online PVP. You control up to three Space Wolves. You start with only one and you develop your units. You also level up the abilities of your soldiers. You build your deck of cards. That’s how your abilities work.

What do you feel differentiates this take on the Warhammer franchise from past games that we’ve seen? There have been a number of turn-based strategies, but not turn-based squad combat. Our game is very different, even apart from other Warhammer games. There aren’t many games like this. It’s a fusion of turn-based strategy with some collectible card game elements.

How have you been working with NVIDIA on the development of this title? We use Tegra 4 technology to produce really top notch graphics for NVIDIA devices. NVIDIA helps us throughout the development process, offering us technical support.

What has Tegra 4 opened up for you as a game developer? We will add some really nice effects to the Tegra experience, but the game is in pre alpha stage at the moment so I can’t really tell you a lot about this yet.

What are your thoughts about how far mobile technology has come so quickly? We can bring console-like quality to mobile devices. That’s what’s happening today.

What excites you about the future of mobile when you look at Tegra K1 technology and how quickly things are evolving? It’s all very exciting. Tegra K1 lets you get really great graphics on mobile devices.


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