New Tegra 3 Optimized Location Added to SoulCraft THD Beta

By MobileBits (komunikat prasowy) - Fri, Feb 3, 2012

The SoulCraft THD Open Beta has started just 3 weeks ago and already over 50.000 players have signed up on their Android Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 devices to help shape the future of the game together with indie developer MobileBits.

“One of the features requested are more locations to play on and that’s why we added Cambodia into the mix – and we will add New York in about 2 weeks”, says Karsten Wysk, CEO of MobileBits. Cambodia – as all current locations - is optimized for Tegra 3 devices with HD environments, HD textures and physical particle effects using all 4 cores of the Tegra 3 superphones and tablets.

Players are invited to take part in the open beta to continuously tweak and improve the game. “SoulCraft is for real gamers – and what better way to get feedback than to let gamers actually play the game?" asks Boje Holtz, Producer of SoulCraft.

MobileBits will discuss the progress of the game with its developer diary on

To download the beta and learn more, click the GAMES tab and select SoulCraft THD Beta from the list.