SOMA - Play the Sci-Fi Survival-horror Thriller on SHIELD with GeForce NOW

By Steve Klett - Tue, Feb 23, 2016

You’re trapped underwater in an old research facility. There’s little food, and you’re surrounded by creepy robots that just may be out to get you. What would you do? Time to find out in SOMA—a sci-fi survival horror thriller that emphasizes exploration, puzzle solving, and suspense.

SOMA is available in the GeForce NOW store for $23.99, which is 20% off the standard price of $29.99. This special introductory price is good through February 28 and includes a digital download key for Steam.

SOMA - Underwater Machinery

Note: SOMA is one of two new titles debuting today on GeForce NOW. The second is Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, which is free for all GeForce NOW members.

SOMA: A Survival-horror Game with Psychological Twists

SOMA casts you as Simon Jarrett, a victim of a car crash in 2015 that caused severe brain damage. In a desperate attempt to alleviate your symptoms, you agreed to an experimental brain scan and have regained consciousness nearly 100 years in the future. Stranger still, you’ve awakened in the Upsilon branch of PATHOS II, a seemingly abandoned, and very remote, underwater research facility.

SOMA - Survive Underwater Horror

You have no idea why, or even how, you’ve come to be in this dilapidated place. You’ve no communication with the outside world, and your only companions are robots—some of which are helpful, and some of which are hostile.

You’re Most Definitely Not Alone in SOMA!

Through cautious exploration you will uncover clues (notes discovered in locked terminals, scattered audio tapes, etc.) that slowly unravel the plot, which relies on psychological elements instead of conventional tactics to keep you on edge. In short, SOMA’s more about messing with your mind than making you jump out of your chair (though we’re not saying that won’t happen, too).

SOMA - Explore Dark Stairway

The facility is a labyrinth of dimly lit corridors and rooms that you’ll have to navigate cautiously to avoid environmental hazards and… other dangers. Remember, we said Upsilon was “seemingly” abandoned. The ambient sound effects and appropriately eerie music will keep your hackles raised as you progress.

SOMA - Explore Underwater Research Facility

If you enjoy games like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Layers of Fear and Submerged (all available on GeForce NOW), then SOMA should get some serious consideration for your play list!

SOMA Comes to the GeForce NOW Store!

To play, navigate to the GeForce NOW menu within SHIELD Hub on your SHIELD Android TV, portable or tablet. You’ll find SOMA in the Buy and Play Instantly category.

SOMA - Abandoned Control Center

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