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Mobile Gamers Get A Kick Out Of Soccer Nations Brazil

By John Gaudiosi (gamerlive.tv) - Tue, Jul 1, 2014

With the 2014 World Cup frenzy in full swing, Van der Feest Games has launched Soccer Nations Brazil for Android devices. The hybrid platform and soccer game sends players on an adventurous journey through Brazil with a soccer ball. Gamers must escape dangers, outsmart enemies and make sure they do not lose the ball as they explore the 16-Bit retro world of Brazil. Players can find their favorite soccer hero and take out the other nations by scoring goals and advancing to the next level. By completing the entire game, they’ll be crowned a world champion.

In the levels, gamers play soccer to reach the finish line and get the ball in the net. There’s also a Free Play mode to try to beat an infinite number of opponents. Score as many points as you can, taking out increasingly difficult countries. The game features a cheerful chiptune variation on the Brazilian national anthem.

During the European Championships of 2012, the developer was inspired by the appearance of Mario Ballotelli and his nickname: Super Mario. They made a parody video of a pixelated Ballotelli who runs through a Nintendo world playing football. That was the basis for the current retro mobile game. The idea was expanded into soccer heroes from 16 countries and the Nintendo world was replaced with Brazil, the setting of the World Cup.

“Brazil is a beautiful tropical country, but life is not nearly easy everywhere,” said Marie-Jose Vincent, co-founder of Van der Feest Games. “This can be seen in the game. When starting, you're certainly not a rich superstar. No, you are all alone. You have to make it in a world full of risks and obstacles by playing football, from dangerous nature to heaps of garbage. You're entirely on your own. The game is also optimistic: If you manage to survive, and you're able to make it all the way to the stadium, through the dirt and industrial mazes, you can eventually win and become the champion.”

The game launched with 10 levels but the goal is to add more levels, animations, polish, chiptunes for all the national anthems, more countries and more players once revenue starts coming in. They might even expand this concept to other sports.


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