Classic Card Games Enhanced

By John Gaudiosi (gamerlive.tv) - Wed, Feb 9, 2011

Silver Creek is breathing new life into their game line-up by taking advantage of the graphical capabilities of the NVIDIA® Tegra® processor. By replacing their previous card faces and backs with new 1080p high resolution textures and incorporating real-time lighting and shadows in their game enviroments, Silver Creek is looking to reach new audiences and make the most of new technology.They were on board early with NVIDIA Tegra, looking at the emerging portable gaming market through smartphones and tablet devices as a perfect fit for its library - games like Hardwood Solitaire, which anyone can jump into and play.

One of the things Silver Creek is supporting right out of the gate – along with many other developers – is cross platform gameplay. All of Silver Creek’s casual games will offer multiplayer experience across PC and Android platforms, allowing gamers to stay connected when they’re away from their PC.

Jonas Stewart, CEO of Silver Creek Entertainment explained how “NVIDIA has been just amazing with the support that they've given us. I think with the Tegra chip that we have an optimization of games and battery life that are just phenomenal. I believe that with NVIDIA's background in graphic chip making and with this new Tegra chip that we're going to see some amazing progress in video games.”

Stewart adds that one of the advantages of developing for Tegra is the ability to display their games at 1080p on small devices. Gamers can then plug their Tegra device into any HDTV and experience Solitaire IV or any other game on the big screen to take full advantage of the visual fidelity that the chip opens up.

“It’s quite amazing looking at these games on a big screen,” said Stewart. “We have a full line of games that we’ve created for this new technology. We also have Hardwood Hearts, Hardwood Spades, Ruckus Bucks Dangerous Mines, and Backgammon all ported to Tegra.”