The 6 Best Adventure Games on NVIDIA SHIELD

By NVISION - Mon, Dec 22, 2014

NVIDIA’s SHIELD family of devices feature a vast array of video game experiences, from visceral first-person shooters to physics-based platforming adventures the whole family can enjoy. In our latest guide to what’s worth playing on the SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable, we discuss a half dozen of the very best adventure games on SHIELD.

Available on NVIDIA GRID for SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable
Before more recent gaming hits like Brütal Legend and Broken Age, Double Fine Productions released its video game debut, Psychonauts—an imaginative adventure game that casts players as a psychically-gifting aspiring Psychonaut named Raz who escapes from the circus in order to join the Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp.

Psychonaut’s sharp writing, dialogue and memorable cast of characters received high praise from critics and lead to the game developing a strong cult following years after its release. Now, NVIDIA SHIELD owners can stream Psychonauts in all its original glory directly to their SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable through GRID.

The Walking Dead Series
Available on SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable
California-based Telltale Games has established itself as some of the best storytellers in the video game industry—an aspect of gaming that is far too often secondary to action and fiery explosions. The Walking Dead, Telltale’s episodic adventure series based on Robert Kirkman’s post-apocalyptic graphic novels—and AMC television series by the same name—is its best effort to date not only for weaving an engrossing narrative that unfolds across different episodes, but for the way in which it empowers the player to directly shape their own adventure through the decisions they make in the game.

While the storyline in The Walking Dead games is entirely original—following the tale of an escaped prisoner named Lee Everette given a second chance at redemption—players will occasionally cross paths with characters fans of the series will recognize. The Walking Dead: Season One and Season Two are both available to download on the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable, boasting Tegra compressed textures and faster overall performance on Tegra-powered devices.

The Bard’s Tale
Available on SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable
inXile Entertainment’s The Bard’s Tale is an entertaining and well-written satire of the role-playing genre that casts players as a jaded hero for hire known as The Bard. While humor is at the heart of what makes the re-imagining of the classic Bard’s Tale series so good, it also delivers a thoroughly enjoyable RPG-inspired adventure teeming with genuinely interesting characters to interact with.

Originally released on PlayStation 2 and Xbox, The Bard’s Tale sports console-quality fantasy visuals that are enhanced for Android devices powered NVIDIA Tegra.

The Wolf Among Us
Available on SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable
While perhaps not quite as highly-touted as other episodic adventure titles from the master storytellers at Telltale Games like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us is every bit as engrossing and brilliantly written as those games. Based on DC Comics and Vertigo’s FABLES graphic novel series, The Wolf Among Us is a story-driven hard-boiled crime thriller set in an unlikely alternate universe where fairy tale creatures are exiled from society and forced to live in New York City’s fictional Fabletown.

You can download the first of The Wolf Among Us’ five playable episodes on the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable for free with the subsequent four episodes available as in-game purchases. Or you can save yourself 25 percent off the full price of purchasing each episode individually by getting the season pass.

LEGO Video Game Series
Available on NVIDIA GRID for SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable
From the vast realms of Middle-earth to the crime-ridden streets of Gotham City, the LEGO video game series allows gamers to explore the worlds of a number of popular franchises in cute, LEGO-ized versions of themselves. And now NVIDIA SHIELD owners can play five of the best LEGO video games for free through NVIDIA GRID: LEGO Batman, LEGO Batman 2, LEGO The Hobbit, LEGO The Lord of the Rings and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

All five games are worth playing especially for fans of the respective series as they are loaded with in-jokes, characters and references fans will appreciate. The LEGO games are some of the most charming adventure games out there and feature content and easy-to-learn controls that make them ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
Available on SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable
Set in the same bizarre sci-fi universe that originated with 1997′s Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is a western-themed tale in the series that puts players in the cowboy boots of a bounty hunter known as the Stranger. In the game, the Stranger must bring enough wanted outlaws to justice in order to pay for a life-saving operation.

The game features a memorable cast of characters and some truly inspired weaponry including the Stranger’s crossbow that fires living critter projectiles like insects, slugs and even chipmunks (called “chippunks”).

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath’s visuals are also optimized on SHIELD devices to harness the graphical horsepower of NVIDIA Tegra.