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NVIDIA SHIELD Update: Includes Remote GameStream & Much More

By Andrew Burnes - Mon, Apr 7, 2014

If you’re a NVIDIA SHIELD owner fire up your handheld now and grab the new April 2014 Software Update, which adds game-changing features to the world’s best mobile gaming device. Each feature is detailed in full in our April 2014 Software Update announcement article and in the NVIDIA SHIELD User Guide; below you’ll find brief highlights of each of the major upgrades contained within today’s update.

To download the update immediately, navigate to Settings --> About SHIELD --> System Updates, and click “Check Now”.

Remote GameStream Beta
NVIDIA GameStream has to date enabled gamers to play PC games on SHIELD from the comfort of their sofa, and remotely via the cloud in select areas with the NVIDIA GRID Streaming Beta. With the launch of the latest SHIELD Software Update, any supported PC game can be played on SHIELD from outside of the home. At work and able to do your own thing over lunch? Connect SHIELD to your network, activate GameStream as normal, and take to your Titan for a short multiplayer session in Titanfall.

Notebook Support Beta
Since launch last July, the streaming of PC games to SHIELD has only been possible via a GeForce GTX-powered desktop PC. This latest update enables PC games to be streamed from notebooks with GeForce GTX 800M, GTX 700M, and select GTX 600M GPUs, with the same great set of features enjoyed by desktop gamers.

Console Mode: Now Keyboard & Mouse Compatible
With the launch of Console Mode, the ability for SHIELD to evolve was readily seen, transforming SHIELD into a portable game console capable of playing any PC or Android game on a big-screen HDTV at 60 frames per second, with the aid of a Bluetooth gamepad.

The latest SHIELD Software Update transforms SHIELD into a portable PC, courtesy of support for Bluetooth mice and keyboards, enabling 1080p, 60 frames per second HDTV gaming in League of Legends, Diablo III, Civilization V, and other games that support and play best with keyboards and mice.

Gamepad Mapper
Gamepad Mapper is an innovative software feature that enables SHIELD users to play touch-control Android games using the physical, console-quality controls found on SHIELD itself. By downloading, uploading, and sharing Mapper profiles, every hardware-compatible Android game becomes playable on SHIELD, vastly increasing your game library.

In the new Software Update, Gamepad Mapper has received a fresh coat of paint and a few tweaks, including the addition of a quick-access shortcut found when holding down the illuminated NVIDIA button. Never has it been easier to download, share, and rate your Mapper profiles.

New TegraZone
TegraZone brings SHIELD’s many unique features into one central location, giving instant access to streamed PC games, Android games, GameStream settings, and the TegraZone store. In our new update, we’ve revamped TegraZone to improve accessibility, discoverability, and usability. Additionally, a news feed brings you the latest Android, SHIELD and TegraZone info, and an optional notification system delivers news and announcements direct to your SHIELD home screen.

NVIDIA SHIELD, Eight Months On
In eight short months, NVIDIA SHIELD has come on leaps and bounds, gaining over half a dozen game-changing, innovative, revolutionary features that cannot be found elsewhere. Furthermore, existing features and support have been radically enhanced, and all round extra care and attention has been lavished upon SHIELD’s software.

Today’s April 2014 software update is our best yet, bringing major, transformative features to SHIELD, as well as dozens of other tweaks and additions. Compared to SHIELD at launch, today’s software and feature set is leagues apart.


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