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SHIELD: Let the Buzz Begin

By TegraZone - Wed, May 15, 2013

We just announced the pre-order, pricing and availability of SHIELD yesterday, and the buzz is already beginning! The folks at Phandroid commented on the price by saying that, "The result is a tighter, more solid feeling device that not only looks like it's worth $350, but feels like it, as well." Forbes made it a point to call out that SHIELD's battery life "puts the Vita and 3DS to shame." As for Android Police, they simply said, "This is NVIDIA doing what it does best: changing the gaming scene. Again."

Still not sold? Check out these other articles from around the Web:

Android Central
"Combining some of the most powerful mobile processing graphics available with a traditional gaming controller -- and a 5-inch, 720p display for good measure -- we finally had the potential for some real console-style gaming on Android."

"Each time we’ve handled this machine thus far, the sound has been full and deep, with the ability to get loud enough that it’s necessary to pull the volume back."

"The Shield feels expensive. There's a delectable heft and solidity to Shield, and its triggers, dual analog thumbsticks, and gorgeous 5-inch screen all serve to highlight its cohesion."


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