SHIELD Wi-Fi: Get the Best Cloud Gaming Experience

By NVIDIA - Thu, Aug 6, 2015
What do you need to set up your SHIELD for Wi-Fi for gaming?
  1. 5-10 Mbps Internet download speed
  2. NVIDIA SHIELD Ready 5GHz router
  3. Ability to get closer to your access point if need be
  4. Launch GRID and allow it to scan and analyze your network
  5. Implement GRID recommendations
  6. Connect and play

Streaming content is now a part of our everyday lives. But getting the best Wi-Fi performance for cloud gaming is different than what’s needed for other streaming services, like Spotify for music or Netflix for movies.

With NVIDIA SHIELD, you get access to our NVIDIA GRID game-streaming service. And for that, you need the best SHIELD Wi-Fi settings to get the best performance.

Streamed Content Requires Faster Download Speeds

You need lightning-fast response times when you are racing in GRID 2 or trying to string together combos in Batman: Arkham Origins using NVIDIA GRID game streaming. As well, you need 5-10 Mbps internet download speed.

Accelerate Your Wi-Fi Network Performance

There’s good news if your home is already wired with Ethernet: SHIELD Android TV has a gigabit Ethernet port for the fastest connection to GRID cloud gaming servers.

If you don’t have Ethernet, don’t worry. SHIELD Wi-Fi uses the latest technology. And we worked with Wi-Fi router companies – such as Netgear and D-Link – to test and certify NVIDIA SHIELD Ready 5GHz routers that are optimized to work with GRID and SHIELD.

Another great thing about these 5GHz routers, which start at about $100, is they help Wi-Fi performance for all devices in your home.

Accessing GRID for the First Time

We want to make it easy for you to get up and gaming in no time on NVIDIA SHIELD using NVIDIA GRID. So the first time you launch GRID, it will scan your network and let you know if you need a faster internet download speed, new router, or just need to move a little closer to your access point.

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