SHIELD Controller with Precision Game Controls

By NVIDIA - Wed, Jul 29, 2015
What types of controls does the SHIELD controller have?
  1. Dual analog joysticks
  2. D-pad
  3. ABXY buttons
  4. Left/right analog triggers
  5. Left/right bumpers
  6. Volume control buttons
  7. Android home and back buttons
  8. Multi-function start button
  9. Touch pad button
  10. Multi-function NVIDIA/power button

With precision controls and advanced features in a premium design, the SHIELD controller has it all. It’s one of the key components to why the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV box does so many things, from gaming to entertainment, amazingly well.

Precision Game Controls

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a serious one, precision controls are a must. With the familiar gamepad layout, including a D-pad, dual thumbsticks, shoulder and trigger buttons, and AXBY buttons, the SHIELD controller can play any game you throw at it.

Buttons are only one part of the equation. The precision feel with tuned feedback and balanced tension throughout the controller give the user the controls required to confidently kick butt in every game played.

Advanced Features

SHIELD controller comes with must-have features, so people can enjoy a complete entertainment and game-playing experience on the Android TV platform.

An integrated microphone gives access to Google Voice Search and Voice Commands, delivering a phenomenal voice experience. A headset jack at the top of the controller allows for personal audio and in-game chat.

The controller’s battery is rechargeable – with up to 40 hours of use with a full charge – so you won’t have to bother with changing expensive batteries. And the controller's battery level is displayed on the SHIELD, helping you stay in sync and fully charged.

Wi-Fi Direct Technology

The SHIELD controller uses Wi-Fi Direct technology, instead of Bluetooth, to deliver direct connectivity to the SHIELD Android TV box. It offers a very low-latency connection, which can be a game changer. Literally.

Additionally, with faster transfer speeds, increased range, and better connectivity stability, the overall controller experience is superior to what Bluetooth can provide.

Premium Ergonomic Design

The high-quality SHIELD controller was crafted with a focus on ergonomics, feel, and balance for endless hours of comfortable gaming.

More than a gaming accessory, SHIELD controller is a full-function remote. With it, you can control your entire entertainment experience, whether streaming movies, watching TV, or listening to music.

Experience the precision, features, and design of the SHIELD controller by picking up an NVIDIA SHIELD today!