Say More: Control SHIELD TV with Amazon Echo Devices

By NVIDIA - Sun, Oct 28, 2018

A new Alexa Skill has launched in the US enabling hands-free control of SHIELD TV with your Amazon Echo devices*.

Comfortably holding the crown as the most open streaming platform, SHIELD gives you more of what you want than any streaming media device. It’s the streamer with access to more of your music, movies and TV shows from multiple ecosystems. Not to mention the widest range of 4K content.

That now extends to voice services as SHIELD is the only streamer you can control with both Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. Available through a new Amazon Skill, you can ask Alexa to help with navigating and enjoying your favorite movies, TV shows, music and more.

Another cool feature for SHIELD users in the Amazon ecosystem: Dolby Atmos passthrough support for Prime Video. In addition to the jaw-dropping 4K HDR visuals, you now get breathtaking spatial audio to match in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.

Connecting All the Dots to SHIELD

A more advanced living room

I’m in! Let’s Get Started
Start the process by pairing an Echo to your SHIELD from within the Amazon Alexa app. This is the app you downloaded on your mobile device from Google Play or the App Store during Echo’s initial setup.

First, you’ll need to enable the skill. Open the Alexa app, click the menu button and select “Skills & Games,” then search for “NVIDIA SHIELD TV.” Select the skill and press “Enable.”

After accepting the terms, continue the linking process in the Alexa app by connecting your NVIDIA account. You’ll need to be logged into the same NVIDIA account on your SHIELD before completing this step.

The final steps in the app are to select the SHIELD and Echo devices you’d like to connect. Once finished, you’re successfully linked and can now control SHIELD with your Echo.

Special Offers for a Limited Time**
Through November 10, 2018, purchase a SHIELD TV from Amazon or Best Buy and you’ll receive an Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) for free.

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Say and See
With SHIELD, there’s always more to come. That extends to the integration between SHIELD and Echo devices. Support is currently limited to the US, but we’re working to bring this functionality to other regions.

Here are some of the voice commands that currently work, with more on the way:

Getting Started
“Alexa, turn on SHIELD.”
“Alexa, turn off SHIELD.”

Controlling The Volume
“Alexa, set volume to 80 percent on SHIELD.”

Opening Entertainment apps
“Alexa, open Prime Video (on SHIELD).”
“Alexa, open HBO NOW (on SHIELD).”

Using Media Controls
“Alexa, pause (on SHIELD).”
“Alexa, play (on SHIELD).”
“Alexa, next (on SHIELD).”
“Alexa, previous (on SHIELD).”
“Alexa, fast-forward ten minutes (on SHIELD).”

Navigating SHIELD
“Alexa, go to settings (on SHIELD).”
“Alexa, go home (on SHIELD).”
“Alexa, go to control settings (on SHIELD).”

(Note: Following the first command, Alexa will assume subsequent relevant commands are for SHIELD. Where "on SHIELD" is noted in parentheses, you can continue controlling SHIELD with just the command.)

SHIELD gets better, once again. How will you use Echo to control SHIELD?

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*Amazon Echo and Alexa support for SHIELD TV currently only available in the US. Requires Internet connection. Availability of services varies by country and language. Subscriptions for services may be required.

** NVIDIA SHIELD TV and Amazon Echo Dot promotions are running in the US-only.