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Shadowgun is Available! Go Get You Some!

By Joe McCloud - Wed, Oct 26, 2011

Shadowgun for NVIDIA® Tegra® devices is now available and the press has wasted no time to sound off about this console-quality third-person shooter. So far, first impressions are unanimously stellar. And while the game runs beautifully on Tegra 2 equipped hardware, MadFinger Games is already hard at work to deliver a version specifically optimized to take advantage upcoming devices equipped with the Kal-El processor. To learn more and purchase this game, click the "GAMES" tab and select Shadowgun from the list.

"In one foul swoop, it appears the the folks at Madfinger and NVIDIA have crushed the rest of Android with a game that takes the platform to a whole new level of gaming intensity."


"If you've got $5 to spend and you're looking for a fun new shooter for your Tegra 2 Android tablet or phone, there's not many better ways to spend it. Madfinger has upped the ante for visuals on mobile gaming."

-Android Police

"For those of you planning on getting a Tegra 3 quad-core device in the near future, have no fear either, there will be a version for those devices too which will probably be enhanced even further in the eye candy department."

-Droid Gamers


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