Get the Most Out of Your SHIELD Android TV

By William O'Neal - Wed, Aug 31, 2016

Congrats! Having just purchased an NVIDIA SHIELD, with its Tegra X1 processor and support for high-end features like 4K HDR, you just landed the best Android TV device available. Now that it's up and running, you’re no doubt wondering, “What should I do first?” And that’s where we come in.

Easily one of the most powerful media streamers available, NVIDIA SHIELD is, for all intents and purposes, whatever you want it to be. If you’re gamer, you can benefit from the plethora of Android games available in both the Google Play Store and PC games on GeForce NOW - our streaming service that enables you to play AAA-caliber PC games from the comfort of your couch. Maybe you’re a media streamer, and you’re more into binge-watching your favorite shows than anything else. Or maybe you’re just new to the Android TV platform and you want some tips on how to customize your experience. No matter what brought you to SHIELD Android TV, we’ll help you crank your entertainment experience up!


It seems like everyday we’re offered yet another way to consume media content. Gone are the days of having to decide between the only two paid services in town: Netflix and Hulu. Now, would-be cord-cutters can cobble together their own “a la carte” menu based specifically on the shows and content they like. Below are two articles that can help get you started on the road to being an expert media streamer and cord-cutter:

Get the Most Out of Your SHIELD Android TV

The Ultimate Cord Cutting Guide will get you started down the road of becoming an expert media streamer and cord-cutter.

Get the Most Out of Your SHIELD Android TV

Our Best Android Apps for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is your guide to all of the top apps that every SHIELD owner should consider.


The Streamer for Gamers, SHIELD benefits mightily by being designed and manufactured by a company like NVIDIA. Boasting the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, SHIELD is more than a media streamer, it’s also a top-notch gaming device. Whether you’re excited about native Android games like Crossy Road and DOOM 3 BFG Edition or streaming PC titles like Saints Row IV and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on GeForce NOW, there’s definitely something for everyone.

Get the Most Out of Your SHIELD Android TV

The Android games section in the SHIELD Hub is the best place to discover new and classic Android games.

Get the Most Out of Your SHIELD Android TV

The GeForce NOW tile is where you’ll discover games that are included with your GeForce NOW (GFN) membership, as well as AAA titles for sale. The GFN library is updated monthly, so be sure to check back frequently.

Customize your Android TV Home Screen and don’t forget to turn on CEC

It’s your SHIELD, so the Home Screen experience should be catered to you. If you’re looking to customize your experience the process is super-simple. If you prefer apps to be in same location every time, then long press Select on one of the apps. This will bring up the above screen. Once there, you simply select the app you wish to move and with the directional buttons, place it where you’d like. Hit [SAVE & EXIT] and you’re good to go. Otherwise apps will be ordered according to the most recently used.

Get the Most Out of Your SHIELD Android TV

Another feature that you’ll want to turn on is CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). Simply put, CEC is a feature of HDMI that lets users command and control more than one device using once remote control. From the Home Screen -> Settings -> HDMI -> HDMI-CEC Preferences and then turn On “Auto turn on TV” and “Auto turn off TV.”

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