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New Mobile Exclusive SimCity Game in Construction

By NVISION - Mon, Sep 15, 2014

Electronic Arts announced this week that SimCity BuildIt, a brand new mobile installment in its flagship city-building franchise, is coming soon to Android devices.

Built from the ground up for mobile devices, SimCity BuildIt allows players to draw on their creativity and strategic instincts to construct a thriving metropolis.

Just like previous games in EA's SimCity series, players are not only responsible for errecting buildings, institutions and industrial facilities, but also ensuring the safety and needs of their city's virtual citizens are in place.

The publisher explained that the experience is being custom developed for mobile gamers who are on the go. The game features built-in touchscreen controls that allow players to construct and monitor their handheld city by pinching, zooming and rotating their city 360 degrees.

While Electronic Arts hasn't announced when exactly it will release SimCity BuildIt, it noted that the team is striving to deliver "the most advanced mobile building simulation game" complete with high-quality 3D visuals. That's certainly exciting news for fans of the series who play games on their smartphone or tablet.


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