Game Industry Veteran John Romero Embraces Mobile Games

By John Gaudiosi (gamerlive.tv) - Tue, Aug 21, 2012

The creative force behind some of the most influential games of all time, including Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake, has embraced mobile gaming. The head of Lot Drop Studio is working on a number of new free-to-play Facebook games for PC, as well as mobile devices, after partnering with Ubisoft on Ghost Recon Commander, which debuted on PC before having a separate mobile version released. Romero is a big fan of multi-screen gaming.

“I play World of Warcraft and I have Armory on my iPhone so I can see my character and see upgrades that I need,” said Romero. “I can check out the animation and my gear. It’s great having these things that keep you tied into the IP of the world. It’s not necessarily giving you the same experience. It would be cool if you do stuff in the auction house on your server on your iPhone for World of Warcraft. If you decide that you want to try to buy some stuff, it’s waiting in your mailbox when you get home.”

Romero sees smartphones and tablets as a nice companion strategy for bigger game franchises.

“If you have an overarching IP such as Ghost Recon that you can kind of feed back up into the IP chain with part of the experience or connecting to that world or your character, I can see that being a strategy that is viable,” said Romero. “But I also think that mostly smartphones and tablets are actually being used to play actual games on them, and not just be inventory management with these basic interactions. They’re mainly being used now to provide full gameplay.”

Loot Drop is developing stand-alone versions of its PC games for these devices to offer gamers the ability to play without needing to have a Web browser connected through Facebook.