Rochard Hits Shield as a Tegra 4 Exclusive

By NVISION - Tue, Mar 11, 2014

Not many Android games can champion the "Tegra 4 exclusive" flag, but Rochard has stepped up to the plate.

Originally a PlayStation Network and Steam title, this 2011 sci-fi platformer won a ton of awards in its prime, netting high review scores from the likes of IGN, PC Gamer UK, and GamePro, in addition to plenty of indie awards.

Rochard's main gimmick is gravity manipulation and polarity switching, with the player using Portal-esque Gravity Gun-like tactics to move objects and combat enemies.

Naturally, there's lots of puzzle elements in the mix, and getting through the various levels isn't as simple as jumping around.

But Rochard especially shines in the visuals department, looking just as good as it did a few years ago when it first started making the rounds PC and consoles.

Shadows are deep, special effects shine, and the lighting work is just stellar.

If you've got a Tegra 4-capable device like the NVIDIA Shield, Tegra Note 7, or the TransformerPad TF701T, Rochard will play on your gadget for a tidy $6.99 sticker price.