Retro Games: What’s Old Is New, and Better Than Ever

By NVIDIA - Wed, Oct 21, 2015
What are some of the games that inspired the developers of titles mentioned in this article?
  1. Frogger (Arcade)
  2. 1942 (Arcade)
  3. Gauntlet (Arcade)
  4. Mario Party (N64)
  5. Asteroids (Arcade)
  6. Super Mario Kart (SNES)
  7. Buggy Boy (Arcade)
  8. Space Invaders (Arcade)
  9. Galaga (Arcade)
  10. Pac-Man (Arcade)

Best Retro Games

What’s so great about gaming on Android? Here’s one slam-dunk of an answer: retro games.

Even hardcore FPS or MOBA fans quickly succumb to the straight forward arcade action of retro games.

Classic gaming is hot, too. There is a ton of fantastic retro-activity happening within the homebrew, indie, and core game developer communities.

Play Retro Games

Below are a few of the best “new-retro” games. These Android games capture the essence of twitch-happy, high-score glory, and game-design originality of early arcade games.

If you haven’t played these retro games already, you must check them out.

Crossy Road

From Hipster Whale. Better than Frogger? Yes!

Sky Force Anniversary

From Infinite Dreams. This is one of the best shmups (shoot’em ups) on any platform.

Heroes of Loot

From Orange Pixel. It’s Gauntlet without quarters. And it’s super-fun. Play solo or co-op.

Alpha Wave

From Hardline Studios. It’s a beautiful re-imagining of Astrosmash on Intellivision. Survival mode is fast, furious fun.


From Eric Froemling. The addition of proper physics, beautiful graphics, and brilliant mini-games makes this a must-have when gaming with friends.

Beach Buggy Racing

From Vector Unit. The developers have a long heritage of making some of the most memorable arcade racing games. Kart racing is a crowded space but this is one of the very best. It’s also a fantastic party game with split-screen multiplayer.


From Hexage. The glowy homage to Space Invaders is unmistakable. The game includes multiple difficulties, upgradable weapons, and an “attitude.”

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

From Bandai Namco. The game adds updated graphics, great music, new game-modes, and the ability to eat 50+ ghosts from a single power pellet. This is one of the greatest examples of taking a brilliant game and applying 30 years of video game experience to make it even better.

Pac-Man 256

From a collaboration between Hipster Whale, Bandai Namco and 3-Sprockets. The developers have integrated the infamous level-256 glitch into the gameplay.

Those are some of the best retro games to get you started. Enjoy them on your living big-screen with the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV box.

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