Play Q*Bert Rebooted on NVIDIA SHIELD

By NVIDIA - Thu, Aug 18, 2016

Q*Bert is one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful arcade games ever made alongside timeless coin-op classics like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Over the years, Q*Bert has spawned a number spin-offs, merchandise and even an animated TV series. Now the legend is reborn in the form of Q*Bert: Rebooted available now on the best Android gaming device, SHIELD Android TV.

Q*Bert Rebooted features two gameplay modes, the first of which is a faithful port of the original arcade game and the second is a more contemporary update with striking HD visuals, effects and a variety of new features and enhancements.

Play Q*Bert Rebooted on NVIDIA SHIELD

In Classic Arcade mode, gamers will experience a pixel-perfect recreation of the beloved original game complete with screen-surround graphics taken from the coin-op cabinets giving it that authentic arcade feel. For players who have yet to experience the joys of Q*Bert, the twitch gameplay consists of moving your eponymous character around a level made up of cubes, jumping from one to another in diagonal directions. Each time he lands on a cube he changes its color and the aim is to change every cube in the level to a specific color.

Play Q*Bert Rebooted on NVIDIA SHIELD

However, Q*Bert isn’t alone in his adventures and enemies are out to stop him. There are bouncing balls that threaten to squish him, coiled snakes that follow him around, purple creatures that defy gravity and hop around the sides of the cubes and pesky green enemies that change the color of cubes you’ve already bounced on. As the game progresses, the levels get more complex, the enemies get more numerous and the pace of the gameplay quickens. It’s addictive arcade gaming at its best offering a simple yet increasingly tough challenge.

Play Q*Bert Rebooted on NVIDIA SHIELD

The game’s Rebooted mode puts a fresh spin on the experience. The graphics have been given an high-definition overhaul, and the building blocks of the levels have evolved from cubes to hexagonal blocks. This gives you an additional vertical axis of movement on top of the diagonals and it makes the gameplay a lot more open and less demanding.

Play Q*Bert Rebooted on NVIDIA SHIELD

There are three all-new enemies named Homer, Uppercut and Treasure Chest along with a selection of playable characters. This colorful crew are a cosmetic variation on Q*Bert including a zombie, robot, knight and the wireframe character who appeared in the movie Pixels. There are also several achievements to complete so you can keep dipping back into the levels to improve your previous high score.

Play Q*Bert Rebooted on NVIDIA SHIELD

Q*Bert Rebooted is one of those rare examples of a modern HD re-imagining of a classic that will satisfy both fans of the original and gamers new to the series. Download the game now on SHIELD Android TV via Google Play for $9.99.

If you don’t already own one, pick up an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV today!

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