PopCap Discusses How Tegra is Changing the Game

By John Gaudiosi ( - Fri, Mar 18, 2011

Andrew Stein, Director of Business Development at PopCap Games, talks about the impact the new wave of NVIDIA® Tegra® devices will have on the video game industry as a whole in this exclusive interview.

What impact do you see the new wave of tablets and smart phones that are shipping this year having on the mobile games market?
Smartphone and tablet owners are consuming apps at rates never before seen in mobile. Higher powered devices seem to stimulate even more usage of apps and content on the new devices. With smartphone and tablet shipments now outpacing PC shipments, we expect the growth in mobile games to only accelerate.

What are your thoughts on the advanced capabilities of Tegra 2-powered devices and what that will mean to mobile gaming?
Platforms like Tegra 2 are bringing unprecedented levels of performance to mobile games. Mobile devices are clearly starting to steal market share from the traditional console manufacturers as consumers realize that they can get more interesting experiences (accelerometer, touch, location, etc.) on mobile devices and now can have visuals on those mobile devices that equal or exceed what yesterday’s dedicated console and big-screen TVs could deliver.

What role will casual and mainstream games play in the mobile space?
Casual games are the ultimate pick-up-and-play in any spare moment (but the best ones also have the depth to keep the user absorbed for long periods). Casual games are also the games that appeal to the broadest audience. For both of these reasons, we firmly believe that casual wins in the mobile space. But mainstream games will have niche appeal to specific market segments.

What do you envision happening when smartphones become the PC of today when it comes to the games industry and how far away do you think that is?
With devices like the Motorola Atrix and tablets like the Xoom, etc., it’s happening now!