Top Down Racing Drives Faster on Tegra

By John Gaudiosi (gamerlive.tv) - Tue, May 3, 2011

Mobile game maker Playbox is going back to the future with its new mobile racing game, Bang Bang Racing which harkens back to the arcade days of driving games. But Playbox is utilizing NVIDIA® Tegra® technology to shift the racing genre into overdrive. Mike Hall, who heads up technology at the Liverpool-based development studio, talks about their game in this exclusive interview.

What are your thoughts on the proliferation of tablets and smartphones and what impact it will have on the game industry?

The game industry is in a transitional phase. People can now have what was only recently considered home entertainment in their pocket. Since Tegra has come along, I would say that it’s really changing how mobile games are perceived. Whereas before it was viewed as a completely separate platform, that's changed. In the past, you would do a console title and maybe develop a minor version for the mobile devices. Now, it's basically the same code base across all the platforms. Before Tegra, that wasn't feasible. As a result, mobile gaming is becoming the mainstream form of gaming and it's really right up there now with all the current generation consoles.

Instead of developing a different game for the mobile, you're basically taking your console game and bringing it to Tegra?

That's right. A port is no longer necessary. We can use mostly the same assets, the same code base, and the same audio for the game. We've got so much capability now that it's really not that far removed from the major lead console platforms anymore.

What's the experience gamers will have with Bang Bang Racing?

Bang Bang Racing is very reminiscent of the classic racing games that we used to play on the old arcade machines. It’s a very fun, fast racer. The gameplay is very pick-up-and-play. It's very easy to control. We're really proud of it.