Iconic PC Adventure game realMyst now on SHIELD TV

By NVIDIA - Tue, Apr 18, 2017

The Myst PC game series still stands as one of the most iconic and influential adventure video game franchises, ever. Each entry in the critically-acclaimed series transports gamers to vibrant worlds filled with haunting locales to explore, and ingenious puzzles to solve. The franchise’s impact on the overall industry can’t be dismissed either, as it was one of the first properties to take advantage of the then-emerging compact-disc (CD) format. It’s accessible yet challenging gameplay also attracted a new generation of gamers—and it still holds up today as a visceral, must-play mystery adventure that’s been completely revamped in realMyst.

Now, SHIELD TV owners can punch a ticket for the journey of a lifetime by downloading realMyst to their devices. Available now for just $6.99, this updated version of the classic first installment is a great reminder of how timeless and relevant the Myst franchise is. Whether you’re returning to the game’s world or embarking for the first time, realMyst is one voyage you’ll truly treasure.

All Aboard

So what makes playing realMyst on SHIELD TV such a treat? First off, realMyst has been updated to include full freedom of movement for a true first-person experience. Rather than clicking on static images like in the original, realMyst on SHIELD TV allows you to freely roam about the world in real time. This means navigating the environments and manipulating the puzzles with the SHIELD Controller is a breeze. realMyst also includes the Rime Age bonus content that adds even more gameplay as well as helpful tools like a built-in guide that can help you get past particularly difficult puzzles.

Relive the mystery of Myst in the all new realMyst, a classic PC puzzle game.

SHIELD TV’s powerful Tegra X1 processor under the hood also ensures you get the best graphical fidelity. The visuals pop off the screen in an artistic style so beautiful, it’s worthy of hanging on your walls. Atmospheric touches like dense fog, realistic shadows, and weather patterns really shine as well, creating a truly immersive experience. The game’s memorable music and sound effects work in tandem with the visuals, contributing an aural component that ups the visceral impact.

First Class Journey

The mystery at the heart of realMyst is also a major selling point, treating players to a story that’s equal parts fantasy novel and detective story. You start the game on the island of Myst, but you discover that it’s one in a series of interconnected worlds called Ages. Special books allow you to traverse between each land, and as you solve the various puzzles you encounter, you’ll unlock a story of family and betrayal. The game even features multiple endings that you can reveal depending on your actions, and it will take all of your skills to get the best one.

Relive the mystery of Myst in the all new realMyst, a classic PC puzzle game.

The original Myst captured our imaginations by offering a compelling narrative and a stunning presentation that set a new bar for interactive storytelling. It’s importance in helping gaming achieve mainstream status as well as its role in pushing new technology such as the compact-disc drive also cannot be understated. It is a landmark title that every gamer should experience, and thanks to the SHIELD TV’s powerful Tegra X1 hardware, fans can book a first-class ticket for this incredible adventure.

Relive the mystery of Myst in the all new realMyst, a classic PC puzzle game.

realMyst is now available to download on SHIELD TV for just $6.99. Full of visually stunning locations and engaging puzzles, it’s an adventure that shouldn’t be missed.

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