P·O·L·L·E·N - Play It on SHIELD with GeForce NOW

By Steve Klett - Tue, May 24, 2016

Love adventure games set in space but getting a little tired of re-visiting the Red Planet? You’ll want to check out this week’s new GeForce NOW release on NVIDIA SHIELD, P·O·L·L·E·N, which takes you to Saturn’s largest moon to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a member of an embedded research team.

This first-person sci-fi exploration adventure game has atmospheric written all over it. Indeed, the game’s primary goal is to make you feel like you’re on the windswept surface of Titan. With a combination of real-time ambient sound effects, gorgeous visuals, and an intense dedication to modelling all the little details, P·O·L·L·E·N delivers a high level of immersion.

Solve a Sci-fi “Whodunnit” Mystery in P·O·L·L·E·N

P·O·L·L·E·N is set in an alternate history timeline. The Kennedy assassination failed, the internet was never invented (gasp!), and the space race has boomed as the Soviet and US space programs compete to reach the furthest the fastest. Mining and research companies have exploded and Station M is a recently built research facility owned by RAMA Industries on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon.

P.O.L.L.E.N – Explore the inside of research base Station M

When one of the primary research team members disappears, you are sent to Titan to find out what happened. When you arrive on the moon a massive lunar storm forces you to hightail it to the base, where you begin your search for answers.

Experience a Whole New Level of Interactivity in This Sci-fi Adventure Game

P·O·L·L·E·N was greatly inspired by Sci-fi classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris, which fans will no doubt notice as they explore Titan, which is presented in a retro-futuristic style that is both unique and familiar (watch the trailer and this will make sense, we promise!). And just about everything you see and discover can be interacted with, down to some very small and seemingly insignificant items.

P.O.L.L.E.N – Walking through the research base cave entrance

If you enjoy adventure games like SOMA, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and Submerged, you’re likely going to find a lot to like in P.O.L.L.E.N. This game is about delivering an experience and exercising your grey matter – not working on your twitch skills to mow down hordes of alien monsters.

P.O.L.L.E.N – Research base Station M Personnel Data

It’s up to you to investigate everything you find and look for connections to solve puzzles as you delve deeper beneath the moon’s surface in your quest for answers. So, enjoy this adventure game at your own pace – and see if you can uncover not only what happened to your colleague, but the bigger mystery Titan is trying to hide as well.

Get P·O·L·L·E·N for FREE with your GeForce NOW Membership!

To play, navigate to the GeForce NOW menu within SHIELD Hub on your SHIELD Android TV, portable or tablet. You’ll find P·O·L·L·E·N in the New For Members category.

P.O.L.L.E.N – Explore Hydro Plant

GeForce NOW is the world’s first cloud-gaming service capable of streaming PC games at up to 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. Members enjoy access to a library of 60-plus games they can play on-demand, plus the option to purchase new games and play them instantly. Membership is free for the first three months, then just $7.99 per month.

P.O.L.L.E.N – Control Panels inside space shuttle cockpit

The GeForce NOW Developers Program makes it simple for developers to publish their games on NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW game-streaming service and reach a new generation of gamers.

If you don’t already own one, pick up an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV today!

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