Kingdom: New Lands - Play This New Simulation Game on NVIDIA SHIELD

By NVIDIA - Wed, Sep 28, 2016

Now available to download and enjoy on NVIDIA SHIELD, Kingdom: New Lands is a newly revamped and featured-packed edition of the critically-acclaimed kingdom-building simulation game that was originally created by just two indie developers, Thomas “noio” van den Berg and Marco “Licorice” Bancala.

Explore and Build Your Kingdom in Kingdom: New Lands

Set in a gorgeously rendered pixelated medieval fantasy world, Kingdom: New Lands casts players as a monarch who must explore the lands surrounding their kingdom while gathering as many coins they come across as possible. Coins are used for a variety of purposes that all contribute to the growth and strength of your kingdom including hiring soldiers, constructing defenses, and expanding your kingdom further.

 Kingdom: New Lands - Defending Your Kingdom against enemy attack D

Its simple yet serene premise and gameplay also challenges players to find out what they are supposed to do on their own without any lengthy tutorials, which brings a greater sense of player discovery and satisfaction to the experience. And whether you are a fan of the original Kingdom or entirely new to the series, Kingdom: New Lands introduces a slew of brand new reasons to get excited about jumping into the SHIELD edition of the fantasy adventure game.

Kingdom: New Lands - Explore new land to conquer D

Kingdom: New Lands is a Strategy Game that Boasts New Elements, Secrets, and More

On top of its sprawling new lands to explore that are filled opportunities for discovery, Kingdom: New Lands strategy game boasts a variety of new in-game elements, secrets, gameplay features, and design improvements created with the help of player feedback from Kingdom’s passionate community of fans. The developer has even created a new end game for players to partake in.

Kingdom: New Lands - New end game

Download and Play the Fantasy Adventure Game Kingdom: New Lands Today

If you own an NVIDIA SHIELD, Kingdom: New Lands is now available to download via Google Play for $6.99. If you aren’t already a proud SHIELD owner, you can remedy that right now and buy one.

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