Parallax - Now Playing on NVIDIA SHIELD

By Steve Klett - Thu, Mar 3, 2016

The Indie hit Parallax is now available for Android, and you can only play it on SHIELD. Previously available solely for PC, this first-person puzzle game is a sure-fire hit for Portal fans – or anyone that likes games that challenge their brain power.

Antichamber and Portal Game Fans Take Notice

Developed by two-man studio Toasty Games, Parallax embodies what good Indie games are all about: passion and uniqueness. Truly the only android games that you can even remotely compare it to is the aforementioned Portal from Valve Software and Demruth’s Antichamber, and that alone is enough to warrant a closer look.

32 Challenging Levels in this Mind-bending Puzzle Game

Parallax challenges you to navigate through a series of more than 32 three-dimensional levels that get progressively more complex. The goal in each is simply to reach the exit, but that is far less “simple” than it sounds.

Parallax puzzle game - Challenging Levels

The levels are set in two overlapping dimensions, which you can travel seamlessly between using interdimensional rifts. And a path that begins in one of the worlds can lead to the other, and even overlap with other levels.

Go through a portal and you are suddenly in an alternate reality of the same level where up may be down and floors are suddenly changed. You must figure out how to manipulate the environment using portal and platform switches, boosters and gravity itself to find a path to each exit.

Parallax puzzle game - Black and White Graphics

The World of Black and White in Parallax

The elegant black and white graphics treatment simply works in portraying the two dimensions as negatives of each other. And the new-age style, minimalist soundtrack meshes perfectly with the game world.

A key element to enjoying a game like this is to play it on a device with the horsepower to serve it up smoothly, and no other Android device on the planet can equal SHIELD in this respect.

Parallax puzzle game - Play it on SHIELD

Start Playing Parallax for Android Today!

So sit back and get ready to be immersed in Parallax’s fluid game world – your brain may just thank you for it!

Parallax is available to download on NVIDIA SHIELD via Google Play for $9.99.

Get your NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Box today if you don’t own one yet.

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