OUYA Now Offering $1M to Fund Console Exclusives

By NVISION - Wed, Aug 14, 2013

OUYA has returned to Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website that helped the company raise over $8.5 million for its Android-based video game console last year, for a new campaign called Free the Games Fund.

The fund-matching project launched over the weekend in order to entice indie developers to create exclusive games for OUYA.

Successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns for new OUYA games will be matched if they raise a minimum of $50,000 or as much as $250,000. The campaign will continue until the $1 million pledged by OUYA runs out.

“We’ve set aside one million bucks to turn your ideas into a reality,” reads the project description. “It’s our way of giving back to the platform that helped us make OUYA a reality and to rewrite the ‘rules’ of how a game console is brought to market. Kickstarter was our beginning—here’s hoping it’s yours too.”

To qualify for fund-matching, games must stay exclusive to the OUYA platform for at least six months. The most successful Kickstarter campaign will also be awarded an additional $100K.

According to OUYA’s head of developer relations Kellee Santiago, the Free the Games Fund is already off to a good start with 19 game projects already registered and under way.