NVIDIA Takes Fan From 60fps to 120mph!

By William O'Neal - Wed, Mar 23, 2016

Last fall we launched our “Rule the Living Room” campaign where we...well...tossed a guy out of a plane. OK, sure, it was a bit more complex than that. In fact, we hired professional stuntman Jeff Provenzano to fall out of a massive C-130 Hercules cargo plane, nestled in a fully featured living room, all the while playing his NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV. Even your most chaotic living room is calm when compared to plummeting toward earth at speeds approaching 200 mph, and Jeff demonstrated how to take control of your experience with NVIDIA SHIELD.

NVIDIA SHIELD Partnered with Loot Crate

The campaign was such a success and the buzz so big that we decided to revisit it. However, this time we decided to drop one of you, a gamer and NVIDIA fan out of a plane. To do this we partnered with Loot Crate. Loot Crate is known for offering its subscribers a monthly box full of awesome tech gear. And if you’re talking awesome tech gear, NVIDIA SHIELD is right up there. NVIDIA rounded out the Mega Crate prize package with a SHIELD Android TV and a free subscription to our GeForce NOW game-streaming service. And to sweeten the deal we hooked the winner up with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jump out of a plane with legendary skydiver Jeff Provenzano.

Skydiving with Red Bull Air Force’s Jeff Provenzano and Luke Aikins

So Jeff Provenzano and fellow Red Bull Air Force team mate, Luke Aikins, took our winner, Tim Schultz from Georgia, 15,000 feet over the Peach State and our intrepid trio jumped out of a twin-engine plane! Not wanting to miss the skydiving opportunity for an adrenaline rush and spending time with a hard core gaming fan, our crew was joined by none other than Tom “SyndicateProject” Cassell to help document the event. Head over to Syndicate’s YouTube channel to check out his take on the experience.

NVIDIA Fan & Loot Crate’s “Mega Crate” Golden Ticket Winner - Tim Schultz

Every month Loot Crate has a “Mega Crate” golden ticket winner who gets something a pretty special. We notified our winner, Tim Schultz, last December that he was the lucky Loot Crate subscriber with the “Mega Crate” golden ticket and that he won NVIDIA’s Extreme Rule The Living Room Package, including the chance to jump out of a plane at 15,000 feet. The result was an amazing experience for everyone involved.

A true gamer in every sense, it turns out that Tim is a huge NVIDIA fan and has owned several GeForce GTX products! While Tim is a paraplegic who uses a wheelchair to get around, there was no way he was gonna let that stop him from having this amazing experience. With that in mind, Jeff and Luke (who has a lot of experience doing tandem jumps with differently enabled individuals) join in on the tandem jump with Tim. Jeff added his trademark ear-to-ear grin, color commentary, in-flight aerobatics, while also filming all the high altitude action.

An Amazing Experience with NVIDIA SHIELD!

For guys like Jeff and Luke, who have logged tens of thousands of jumps over their careers it’s easy to become a little jaded, which is what makes events like this special even for the seasoned pros. After seeing the joy on Tim’s face, Jeff had this to say, “This is the kind of thing that just rekindles and reignites your passion for this sport.”

After all was said and done, we think Tim summed up the day perfectly when he asked, “What’s next?!”

So there you have it. If amazing experiences are your thing then the NVIDIA SHIELD has you covered. Of course, if you don’t already own one, run out and buy an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV today. And to make things even better, for a limited time we’re throwing in a free SHIELD remote (a $49.99 value) whenever you buy a new SHIELD Android TV.

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