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Tegra 3: Ninja Core

By Matt Wuebbling - Mon, Nov 28, 2011

You’ve already heard about the five CPU cores in Tegra 3 – four high-performance cores and one low-power companion core – so we thought it’s about time we showed you a demo of the fifth “Ninja Core” in action.

We’ve put together this simple video to show you how the low-power Ninja Core gets along with its higher-performance CPU brethren core while viewing pictures, watching videos, web browsing and gaming.

The Ninja Core doesn’t require any custom apps to take advantage of its power savings. None of the apps you see below were rewritten to take advantage of Tegra 3’s architecture – it just works.

Click the following link to view the demonstration: http://youtu.be/R1qKdBX4-jc


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